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Hand holding a nude bra
Naked Rebellion is luxury lingerie crafted for every woman on earth. The nude bra is an essential fashion staple in a woman's closet- a rare item that goes with every look, the foundation of any outfit, and the fundamental building block of every wardrobe.
We help women feel acknowledged, comfortable, and confident while building a highly supportive and inclusive community of badass, rebellious women.
Inspiration behind the brand:
Jessica Wenger McPhaul attended FIDM in Los Angeles and has been working in film/tv ever since. She started as an assistant costume designer and progressed to costume designer. She was fortunate to be a part of the House Of Cards costume team with an Emmy Nomination and back-to-back Costume Designers Guild Award Nominations.
Early on in her career she had a dream opportunity to assist a multi-Emmy nominated costume designer on a commercial project and create elaborate costumes.
Before fittings began, She had to buy nude bras for our leading ladies. She quickly shopped every bra in the stores and returned to meet our talent. In walk the most gorgeous group of women- a dance troupe from Africa. Everyone was in awe of them but Jessica was growing more horrified by my store bought selections. The nude bra sold in stores matched her- and no one else in the room.
It hit her. We all shop in the same stores, but only 1 in 10 women see themselves there.
She was fired for the 'nude' bras she purchased. She was fired for what the fashion industry didn't represent and what she couldn't buy. She knew she could be an ally- a catalyst for good. Cut to 12 years, 
Naked Rebellion was born. 
INSTAGRAM: @naked.rebellion