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b:fast a cereal bar


cereal      6
1: choose a cereal

apple jacks corn pops honey smacks
cap’n crunch frosted flakes lucky charms
cap’n crunch crunchberries fruit loops oreo o's
cheerios fruity pebbles raisin bran
cinnamon toast crunch golden grahams reese's puffs
cocoa pebbles honey bunches of oats rice krispies
cocoa puffs honey bunches of oats - almond special k
cookie crisp honey nut cheerios trix
corn flakes very berry cheerios

2: choose two toppings

almonds granola oreo's crushed/minis
animal crackers gummy bears pop-tarts
bananas heath bar raisins
cherries malt balls reese's peanut butter cups
cinnamon mini marshmallows sprinkles - chocolate & rainbow
coconut m&m's strawberries
graham crackers walnuts

extra toppings: .50

add ice cream: 1

3: choose a milk

whole 2% skim

  add: 1

organic almond magic (blue, green, red)
coconut lactose free flavored (chocolate, strawberry)
hemp soy seasonal


b:fast c:real mixes      7

b:1- special k. corn flakes. bananas. strawberries. skim milk.
b:2- honey bunches of oats. honey nut cheerios. walnuts. granola. honey. almond milk.
b:3- fruit loops. apple jacks. cap’n crunch crunch berries. fruity pebbles. marshmallows. strawberry drizzle. milk.
b:4- lucky charms. fruit loops. marshmallows. rainbow sprinkles. whipped cream. strawberry drizzle. milk.
b:5- golden grahams. cocoa puffs. marshmallows. chocolate sprinkles. chocolate syrup. milk.
b:6- reese’s puffs. cocoa puffs. reese’s peanut butter cups.chocolate sprinkles. whipped cream. milk.


b:sweet sandwiches  (white or wheat)

pb:j (grape or strawberry jelly)    3
stacked pb:j
(3 slices of bread)    4
haz:lnut spread and j
(grape or strawberry jelly)    3.5
stacked haz:lnut spread and j
(3 slices of bread)    4.5
b:fast spread and j
(grape or strawberry jelly)    4.5
stacked b:fast spread and j
(3 slices of bread)   5.5
add fresh strawberries. bananas. marshmallow   1


d:ssert for lunch sandwich (served on a croissant)   6
haz:lnut spread. cream cheese. strawberries.


b:warm grilled sandwiches (white or wheat)

grill:d cheese (b:fast own cheese blend)    3.5
triple grill:d cheese (havarti. mozzarella. cheddar)    4.5
grill:d ham and cheese (cheese blend and ham)    4.5
bacon grill:d cheese (cheese blend and bacon)    4.5
pesto grill:d cheese (cheese blend and basil pesto)    6
marshmallow m:lt (b:fast spread and marshmallows)    6
add bacon or pesto  1


b:crossover sandwich (white or wheat)    6

pb:j grape jelly. brie. (grilled)


b:more sandwiches (white or wheat)

b:fast (b:fast spread. strawberries. bananas)    5.5
b:faster (b:fast spread. bacon. green apple)    6
b:fastest (b:fast spread mixed with chocolate. banana)    6
sides         b:fast toast 2      with choice of spread  3        pop-tarts  2


shakes   5

chocolate strawberry cherry
vanilla prickly pear b:fast spread
caramel raspberry peanut butter


b:fast c:real shakes   7

b:1- apple jacks. cinnamon toast crunch. ice cream. whole milk. whipped cream. caramel syrup. cinnamon dust.
honey bunches of oats. honey nut cheerios. ice cream. almond milk. whipped cream. walnuts.
cookie crisp. oreo o’s. ice cream. whole milk. whipped cream. caramel syrup. chocolate sprinkles.
lucky charms. trix. fruit loops. ice cream. whole milk. whipped cream. strawberry drizzle. rainbow sprinkles.
reese’s puffs. honey nut cheerios. cocoa krispies. ice cream. whole milk. whipped cream. reese’s pb cups.
cocoa pebbles. cocoa puffs. ice cream. whole milk. whipped cream. chocolate syrup. crushed mini oreo’s.


floats    4

black- cola orange- orange soda white- lemon lime
root beer purple- grape soda light brown- dr. pepper


assorted beverages

soda    2 naked juice 2.5 orange juice    2
bottled water    2 honest kids juice box    1 milk    2.5
gatorade    2.25

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